Phoenix Contact is a global market leader in the field of electrical engineering, electronics and automation. Founded in 1923, the family-owned company now employs around 14,500 people worldwide. A global sales network with over 50 sales subsidiaries and more than 30 additional sales partners guarantees customer proximity directly on site, anywhere in the world.

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About The Company

Phoenix Contact is the right partner for any electrical engineering tasks and those related to automation.

Implement the products from Phoenix Contact wherever processes need to run automatically: in industrial production facilities, in the field of renewable energies, in infrastructure or for complex device connection. Combined with innovative systems and based on application-specific know-how, the products become industrial solutions in proven Phoenix Contact quality.

Convince yourself about our innovative range of products with high-quality components, efficient systems and application-oriented solutions.



Control cabinet: From the terminal block to the controller, you can look forward to a comprehensive range of components and systems.

  1. Terminal Blocks                  - Screw, Push-in, Spring cage, Fast, Bolt, Barrier and other Special types of Connections.
  2. Relay Modules                    - Timer relays, Safety relay modules.
  3. Power Supplies & UPS        - DC/DC converters, Redundancy modules, Customer-specific power supplies. Attached you may find relevant marine-oriented brochure (Quint).
  4. Circuit Breakers                  - Electronic device circuit breaker, Multi-channel circuit breaker, Thermal and Thermomagnetic devices circuit breaker.
  5. Controllers & PLCs             - PLCs, Modular controllers, Compact controllers, PLC Software.
  6. Industrial PCs                     - HMI, Tablets, Panels.
  7. Industrial Ethernet               - Switches, Security Routers, Cloud Systems.

Field installation: Innovative I/O wiring systems and industrial connectors ensure efficient power and data transmission.

  1. I/O Systems                       - Axioline E (IP65, IP67), Axioline F (IP20) Marine approved.
  2. Cabling for DCS & PLC      - Retrofitting and modernization components, Universal cables/modules, Controller specific cabling.
  3. Cables, Connectors, Cordsets

Device and connection technology: Whether PCB connection or electronics housing: you'll find your individual solution.

  1. PCB Trays
  2. PCB Terminal Blocks and PCB Connectors
  3. Electronics Housing            - Basic/Field housings, DIN rail adapters, Modular/Multifunctional housings.

Systems and solutions: Products are based on a systemic approach and can be combined in a variety of ways. You can therefore put together a customized package to suit your particular needs.

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