Nanonord is a company strongly connected to research and university science, specialized in the development of real time, on line, analysis systems as well as cloud applications for shipping companies, power plants and water industries.  Through a long time collaboration with Aarhus University of Denmark and with passion for innovation, the company continuously develops and manufactures state of the art, on line analyzers for the measurement of the content of different chemical elements in oil or water.


Catguard - Online Cat-Fines Monitoring System

The CatGuard® technology solution to cat fine damage.

CatGuard® technology from Nanonord enables near-real time measurement of cat fines in fuel. Cat fines are extremely abrasive residues of silicon
and aluminium oxide retained in Fuel Oil. Separators (centrifuges) used in an optimal way are capable of cleaning HFO. In practice however, given
the previous absence of any direct measurement of what is happening in the separator. The integration of CatGuard® for the crew transforms the management of purifiers from a black magicart to a scientific process control. This generally enables to reduce the average levels of cat fines, in the fuel that enters in the engine, from 15 to 20 ppm to between 3 and 7 ppm. The crew are encouraged and empowered to better control the
purifier temperature, the flow rate and the capacity, as required due to different sizes of cat fine particles and type of HFO.

CatGuard® System specification
• Cat fines precision: 5ppm @ 6 hours
• Cat fine spike detection in 5-25 minutes
• Power usage: 85-260 VAC/320 Watt peak
• Ethernet, 1 piece output 4-20 mA
• Relays for exceeded limits and system
• Size: 53,5 x 65,5 x 25,2 cm
• Weight: 37,5 KG

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