Today, measurement and analysis instruments from FISCHER are used around the world in diverse sectors – wherever precision, reliability and easy operation are required. Helmut Fischer provides the best quality possible products & solutions, starting with the very first contact and continuing through to the creation of individual service concepts.

Helmut Fischer - Measurment Technologies

Coating Thickness Measurement

Measurement instruments from Fischer determine surface coating thicknesses accurately and reliably.

Coating Thickness Measurement

Material Testing

Non-destructive methods for determining elemental composition and testing specific material properties.

Material Analysis & Material Testing

Surface Inspection

Whether you are investigating profile or hardness Fischer offers the right measurement techniques to characterize surface properties.

Surface Inspection

 FISCHER Gold & Jewellery solution:

Alloy Analysis of Precious Metals

Measurement technology for buying and trading in gold. With instruments from FISCHER you can test the authenticity of gold and other precious metals – reliably and non-destructively. The devices detect the slightest differences in alloys and are thus also suited for the authentication of valuable specie or the analysis of complex decorative coatings. Rely on more than 60 years' experience.

Alloy analysis of precious metals

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