S.T.C. SRL has been operating in the sector of industrial filtering for 40 years, assisting the client from the design to the “turnkey” assembly.Specialized in the design and manufacturing of process filtration solutions for a wide range of industrial markets, S.T.C. operates in several strategic sectors: water treatment, Oil & Gas, petrochemical, Power, chemical, food & pharmaceutical, Hydrogen Solutions. Featured items: Filter for liquid and for gas, Hydrogen Solutions, Basket Filters, Cartridge Filters, Double stage filters, Vane pack filters, Multicyclones Filters, Demister Filters, Self-Cleaning Filters, Tanks, Sampling Components


With the exception of a small range of standard products, STC works primarily on commission proposing projects and products to the final client that meet all their specific requests. The products are designed according to the principal codes of construction ASME VIII Div.1, EN13445, AD2000, BS5500 and tested internally or with the supervision of internationally recognized notified bodies.


STC offers their clients the possibility to test instruments, pipes and assemblies in accordance with the requirements laid down by the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). This allows us to affix the CE marking to our products. On customer request, STC can provide products with the U “Stamp” ASME mark, TRCU GOST EAC marking according trcu032 trcu010, and our company operates in accordance with the ATEX 2014/34/UE directive. Thanks to the contribution of a team of competent people and the use of advanced technologies, STC aims to satisfy all customer requests, ensuring targeted technical assistance both in the design phase and work phase, up to the start-up phase and servicing. STC is certified ISO 9001:2015.






 Filtering Elements

Process Skids

  • Oil & Gas Skids
  • Natural Gas Skids
  • Fluid Treatment Skids

Sampling Components

  • Calibration Drums
  • Sampling panels
  • Heat exchangers
  • Sampling component

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