MGO Coolers

“Cooling the MGO – raising the viscosity with Kelvion PHEs”

•    Kelvion PHE – heart of the cooler

•    Manufactured by Pantechnic Ltd. in Greece

•    Piping equipment and instrumentation of European origin,
including: a three-way diverting valve, strainer, shut-off valves,  butterfly valves and thermometers

•    UNP 120 steel beam foundations

•    Plate/Drip tray of 6mm thickness

•    Piping (SCH 40) with DN25, DN32 or DN50 sizes,  based on the
MGO volume flow rate Corrosion protection for C4 Industrial Environment with final coating RAL 5002

•    QA/QC documentation delivered including third body inspection , pressure test, welding inspection, coating report and quality inspection.

MGO Cooler Skid
Customized drawings
Skids Manufactured at our affiliated Workshop